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  1. Greetings, ?? my humble introduction My Master Teacher, Sifu . Though I was only taught by you in person one day in the 1980’s. In Ogden Utah. At your pupils, Sifu Erigos. I very much consider you a Personal, Master Teacher of mine. I heard you speak recently of your personal relationship with Jesus. I was filled with the Holy Spirit while I listened. And in increased greatly in faith from his message you spoke of your intimate journey with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I’m personally requesting your consideration to contacting me? By Phone number 385-502-0052 or email jamescluff71@yahoo.com or jamescluffjames@instagram.com and jamescluffjames@Facebook. I posted some of your background on my Facebook group, it’s called El’Wapos neighborhood. I humbly invite you to Join or Group/community? It’s my way of continuing, Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. The t.v. series based on, values, kindness, imagination, and community. I’ve been inspired by the words you spoke. A wonderful seed was planted in my heart I’m 51 and been socially advertising my Marital Arts to advance it globally. Through what venue I’m not sure. I’m training, like I have the vitality I did in my teens. The lord is shepherding me and the discipline I had is all returning. It would be a great in to be able to contact you? Sincerely your humble pupil, James Cluff.

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