Grand Master Al Dacascos

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Founder Of Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu

Wun Hop Kuen Do was founded by Al Dacascos. In Cantonese Chinese Wun Hop Kuen Do means “combination fist art style”. Wun Hop Kuen Do techniques identify with, and are based on, the Kajukenbo system. This martial arts style incorporates techniques from many different styles including Northern and Southern Kung Fu systems and Escrima. Since this style is always being developed it is not a fixed system, practitioners of the style are always striving to improve it by the incorporation and improvement of useful methods or techniques. In addition the philosophy of remaining “unfixed” also applies to the defense techniques, in that there is no defined response to a given situation, and they attempt to fit the situation as it arises. This idea leads to self-defense that is creative and allows one to think about what is the best response. This is one of the primary things that sets this style apart from most others; it is a martial art that asks you to think for yourself and use your own common sense to actually see what you should do next. There are many drills to allow practice of this type of fluidity and creativity that lead to the ability to respond reflexively to any situation—which is in contrast to many other training methods where one is supposed to mimic techniques which are often not practical, except under very defined circumstances.

Kicking the tree as those did before me

Sijo Emperado Founding Member-Kajukenbo

In 1947, Adriano Emperado (Kosho Shorei-ryu Kenpo and Escrima), Peter Young Yil Choo (Tang Soo DoShotokan Karate and Boxing), Joseph Holck (Sekeino-ryu Judo), Frank F. Ordonez (Danzan-ryu Jujutsu), and George “Clarence” Chuen Yoke Chang (Chu’an Fa Kung-Fu), came together and called themselves the Black Belt Society. They began training together and exploring the weaknesses and developing the strengths of each martial art to create a fighting style that did not suit the ancient warrior but the American citizen to help him or her in their fight against the common criminal.

After the other four founders were drafted off into the Korean War, they left Emperado to start the first Kajukenbo school at the Palama Settlement Gym in 1950. Many of the students who trained there were poor, so at the Palama school students could train for $2.00 a month. The workouts that took place there are legendary for their brutality. Kajukenbo train strong to remain strong. In order to be invincible on the streets they had reasonable, but very serious, full contact training.

Emperado died on April 4, 2009.

Sid Asuncion Founder-Kenkabo

The legendary Grand Master Sid Asuncion, founder of Kenkabo Kung Fu in beautiful Hawaii. With a lifelong passion for martial arts, Grand Master Sid dedicated his life to mastering various forms of combat and is known as one of the most skilled instructors in the world. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, inspiring students of all ages to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve their full potential. Through his unique blend of traditional techniques and modern training methods, Grand Master Sid has earned a reputation as a true master of his craft. With his incredible knowledge and unwavering commitment to teaching, he continues to shape the lives of countless individuals who have had the privilege of learning from him.

Grand Master Sid Asuncion!

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There is no greater legacy than letting your knowledge flow.

I feel the greatest gift I can give to to teach to the truth of my experiences and be blessed that those lessons serve you.


Legacy- Through the eyes of the Warrior

LEGACY: Through the Eyes of the Warrior is the autobiography of Sifu Al Dacascos, a martial arts legion.

This highly anticipated, compelling book takes the reader on an amazing journey through the action-packed life of one of martial arts most respected martial arts masters, Sifu Al Dacascos. Sifu Al’s journey will have you hooked from the very first chapter, as he takes you on a trip through his fascinating and intriguing life. This is one autobiography that you will not want to put down – it is A TRUE PAGE-TURNER! It is an inspirational story of a boy from the Hawaiian territory that became a world-renowned martial artist, teacher, and highly respected philosopher.

Throughout this triumphant story, you will find yourself laughing aloud, struggling to hold back tears, and totally engrossed by this remarkable tale. This is a highly motivational story of rags to riches, success and heartaches, love and danger, and spiritual victory. Most of all, it is the inspirational story of a man that even in his darkest hours, refused to give up and successfully conquered his demons. This is A MUST READ for every martial artist and a book that everyone will enjoy and find personally inspiring and motivating.

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